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The Trailer for Florence Pugh’s New Film “We Live in Time” is Here: Here’s What You Need to Know

Heading: Florence Pugh Honored to Work Alongside Andrew Garfield in “We Live in Time” Movie

Acclaimed actress Florence Pugh shared her enthusiasm for her upcoming movie “We Live in Time” and her experience working with Andrew Garfield. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pugh expressed how honored she felt to collaborate with Garfield on the project, describing it as a “beautiful time” and praising his acting prowess. The movie, directed by John Crowley, promises to deliver a real story about real people, as Pugh emphasized the joy she found in the creative process.

The buzz around the film began in March 2023 when it was reported that Pugh and Garfield would be starring together. Their on-screen chemistry was evident earlier that year when they presented together at the Oscars. By April, they were already filming in London, captured in candid moments that hinted at the depth of their characters’ connection.

“We Live in Time” is described as a funny, deeply moving, and immersive love story, with a script written by Nick Payne. The trailer, released in July 2024, unveils a narrative that starts with a chance meeting between Pugh and Garfield’s characters that evolves into a long-term relationship, ultimately facing trials and tribulations.

Aside from Pugh and Garfield, the film also features a talented ensemble cast including Adam James, Marama Corlett, Aoife Hinds, and more. While the official release date is yet to be announced, Pugh hinted that more details will be revealed soon, with speculations pointing towards a fall 2024 theatrical debut. As anticipation builds for this unique love story, fans are eager to witness the magic that Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield bring to the screen in “We Live in Time.”

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