Saturday, July 13, 2024

The Sports Facilities Companies Report High Demand for Pickleball Facilities Across the U.S. in 2024

The Rise of Pickleball: Impacting Community Planning and Facility Development

The rise of pickleball as America’s fastest-growing sport is making waves in community planning and facility development across the nation. The Sports Facilities Companies (SFC) is leading the charge, with a growing network of sports and recreation facilities that now cater to the pickleball craze.

According to SFC, the demand for facilities with pickleball courts has never been higher in 2024. Nearly half of SFC’s facilities now offer pickleball, with the recently opened Rhythm and Rally Sports and Events in Macon, Georgia, making headlines as the world’s largest indoor pickleball facility housed in a converted mall.

Pickleball is not just a game; it’s a community builder and a social engagement tool that is shaping the future of urban sports facilities. SFC’s CEO, Jason Clement, believes that the establishment of venues like Rhythm and Rally and the upcoming Lake Kennedy Racquet Center in Cape Coral, Florida, are setting the standard for future sports complexes.

Community planners and facility developers are taking notice, with over 90% now considering including pickleball in their feasibility studies for new complexes. Venues without permanent courts are easily converting their playing surfaces to accommodate the growing demand for pickleball courts.

Paul Midkiff, co-founder of Southern Pickleball, commended SFC for taking the lead in the pickleball movement and helping communities meet the demand for courts. Events at facilities like Rhythm and Rally are enhancing the player and spectator experience, further fueling the sport’s popularity.

With more venues across the country gearing up to embrace pickleball, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. For more information about The Sports Facilities Companies and their pickleball initiatives, visit their website at and follow them on social media for updates and job postings.

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