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The reasons behind the removal of Crunchyroll’s viewing and comment features

Crunchyroll Disables Comments on Anime Episodes and News Articles: Users React to the Decision

Crunchyroll, a popular anime streaming platform, has made a surprising announcement that has left fans in disbelief. The platform has disabled comments on anime episodes and news articles, completely wiping out all existing comments. This decision has ignited a wave of speculation and conversation among users.

The exact reason behind this move remains a mystery, as Crunchyroll has refrained from providing a clear explanation. However, according to IGN, the platform claims to have taken this drastic step to “protect its community” by reducing harmful content and misinformation on their site.

One user speculated that the decision might have been triggered by a homophobic comment posted under the anime series, Twilight Out of Focus, which premiered on July 4. It remains unclear whether this incident directly influenced the decision or if Crunchyroll had been planning to disable comments for some time.

The removal of this long-standing feature has not gone down well with fans, who have expressed their disappointment on social media platforms. Many users enjoyed engaging with others in the comment section after watching an episode, with some calling it a highlight of their viewing experience.

One user lamented, “Dang. I always liked scrolling down to the comments right after finishing an episode.” Another questioned, “Why would they do that? Talking with people in the comment section was fun tbh.” The sentiment was echoed by many others who valued the community interaction on the platform.

As fans grapple with the sudden absence of comments on Crunchyroll, the platform’s decision continues to spark debate and curiosity among users. Only time will tell whether this move will have a lasting impact on the anime streaming experience.

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