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The Israeli company Smart Drones develops replicas of Iranian UAV systems for training

Israeli company Smart Drones is manufacturing unmanned aerial systems used by the Israeli air force and Israeli defence companies as a Red Squadron , depicting UAV’s used by the enemy. The last addition – a precise copy of the Iranian Shahed 136 armed UAV used in Ukraine and by the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

SMART Drones Services Ltd is a technology services company, certified by the Israeli civil aviation authority, Leading BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) development process for challenging Detection, interception & missile defense engagement
According to Dudi Ohayon, COO of the company SMART Drones provides unique tailor-made UAV End- to -End solutions, such as,
Loitering munition, kamikaze drones, etc.

“We work according to the clients detailed demands to offer the best solution used to test the capabilities of different air defence systems”
One of the targets used in recent tests is the Predator which is 3.2m long, has a Max speed-65 Mps, and a Max range of – 40 Km .
Another frequently used target depicting a jet powered UAV is the RS -1
Which is 2 m long has a max speed of 100 mps and a range of 80 km.

Ohayon revealed that the new addition to the list of aerial targets is the Delta-wing RS2 which is a very exact copy of the Iranian Shahed 136, used by the Russians in Ukraine and the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The COO of the Israeli company said that the dramatic increase in the use of drones around the world created a very high demand to develop defensive systems and to test them in real combat scenarios “We supply the ultimate targets that are crucial for the success of the aerial defence systems”

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