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The Daily Father-Daughter International News Edition – Pre-Caffeine.

Introducing Before Coffee: A Unique News Program with a Father-Daughter Duo

Father-Daughter Duo Starts Unique News Program

In a world filled with news channels and podcasts focusing on popular and often repetitive topics, one father-daughter duo has taken a unique approach to delivering the news.

John, a semi-retired radio technician with a background in law enforcement, and his daughter Allyson, a videographer and aspiring movie director living in The Netherlands, started a news program called “Before Coffee” in February 2023.

Their show aims to cover stories that often get overlooked in mainstream media. Each morning, they come together to find interesting and lesser-known news items to report. With a live format and a mix of technical glitches, mispronunciations, and disagreements, the duo brings a fresh and chaotic energy to their show.

What sets “Before Coffee” apart is their themed days, such as “Mucking Funday” on Mondays, “Good Tues News-day” on Tuesdays, “Weird and Wacky Wednesday,” “Theme-less Thursday,” and “News Dump Friday.” This schedule allows them to cover a variety of stories and engage their audience in different ways.

Despite their engaging content, John and Allyson have struggled to gain traction on YouTube due to the platform’s algorithm. They are now on a subscriber drive, urging viewers to subscribe, comment, and provide feedback to help improve their show.

With a focus on liberal ideas, humor, and a unique perspective on global news, “Before Coffee” offers a refreshing take on current events. Whether you’re a news enthusiast or simply looking for a new and engaging show to watch, this father-daughter duo is worth checking out.

So, grab your coffee, tune in to “Before Coffee,” and join John and Allyson on their journey to bring fresh voices and diverse stories to the forefront of the news landscape. Subscribe, watch, and support their efforts to share relevant and thought-provoking news content.

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