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The Complete Dating History and Former Partners of Timothée Chalamet

The Intriguing Dating History of Timothée Chalamet: From Lourdes Leon to Kylie Jenner

Title: Timothée Chalamet’s Romantic Journey: From Lourdes Leon to Kylie Jenner

Timothée Chalamet, the heartthrob of Hollywood, has been capturing the hearts of fans both on and off the screen. The young actor has had his fair share of high-profile romances, but one thing is for sure – he is not too comfortable with the attention they attract.

In a candid interview with W magazine, Chalamet expressed his anxiety around the word “date” and the pressure that comes with it. He emphasized the importance of loving wholeheartedly and unabashedly when in a relationship.

Chalamet’s dating history includes romances with notable figures such as Lourdes Leon, the daughter of Madonna, and Lily-Rose Depp, with whom he starred in Netflix’s “The King.” Despite the ups and downs of these relationships, Chalamet has remained true to himself and his values.

In 2023, Chalamet was linked to reality star Kylie Jenner, and their relationship quickly gained attention. From casual outings to red carpet appearances, the couple seemed to be getting more serious. Sources close to them revealed that they push each other to be better and have a strong bond.

Despite rumors of a split, insiders confirmed that Chalamet and Jenner are still happily together, with a source mentioning their easy and natural connection. The couple was recently spotted on a movie date, further solidifying their relationship.

Timothée Chalamet’s romantic journey is a rollercoaster of love, heartbreak, and growth. As he continues to navigate fame and relationships in the spotlight, one thing is for certain – his commitment to love remains unwavering.

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