Monday, July 15, 2024

Technology company C1 increases Global Innovation and Collaboration Center in Hyderabad, to boost recruitment efforts

C1 Expands Global Innovation Centre in Hyderabad, Plans to Double Workforce by 2025

Technology solution company C1, formerly known as ConvergeOne, is making big moves in Hyderabad with the expansion of its global innovation and capabilities centre. The company has recently completed the expansion, adding 40,000 sq ft to the facility. With nearly 600 employees in India, C1 plans to ramp up hiring and increase headcount to 1,000 by November 2025, with 60% of the employees expected to be based in Hyderabad.

The company is also establishing a research and development lab and experience centre for customers, showcasing innovative products such as the newly launched GenAI-powered assistant C1 Elly. Chief Transformation Officer Tamara Shaw highlighted the importance of the expansion, emphasizing its role in showcasing cutting-edge solutions and providing differentiated services across customer experience and collaboration.

Despite recent financial restructuring and a Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing, C1 remains focused on growth and investment. The company is set to launch its new growth strategy, Converge1 2.0, in the coming days, continuing to focus on the development of teams and expansion of customers and products. The expansion of the global innovation and capabilities centre is seen as a strategic investment to support C1’s customers and foster innovation for growth enablement and capacity building.

With plans for increased hiring and further expansion, C1 is positioning itself as a key player in the technology solutions industry, leveraging the talent and expertise in India to accelerate global operations and deliver exceptional value to customers.

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