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Tech News: Apple iOS 18, Meta’s AI label, ASUS Vivobook S15, and more in the Tech Wrap of July 2

Latest Tech Updates: Apple iOS 18 Features, Meta’s AI Label, ASUS Vivobook S15 Pre-Booking

Apple announced on July 2 that it will be introducing a range of India-focused features in eligible iPhones with the upcoming iOS 18 update. These features will include enhancements in communication, language input, and updates to the Move to iOS app, catering specifically to users in India. The update is scheduled for release later this year, offering a more tailored experience to Indian iPhone users.

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has revamped its approach to labeling AI-manipulated content on its platforms. The “Made with AI” label will now be changed to “AI info” and will be clickable, providing users with more context about the content. This change will help users better understand the origins of manipulated content on social media.

Asus has started pre-bookings for its latest laptop, the ASUS Vivobook S15, which is based on Microsoft’s Copilot+ PC platform. Powered by the Qualcomm X Elite chip, the laptop offers AI capabilities from Microsoft Copilot and Asus’s proprietary AI features. The official launch of the Vivobook S15 is scheduled for July 9, presenting consumers with a new option in the laptop market.

In other tech news, Apple is reportedly working on a subscription model for its AI tools and features, known collectively as Apple Intelligence. Initially, these tools will be available for free on supported Apple devices later this year, but Apple plans to monetize them in the long term. Additionally, Meta is developing new AI features for WhatsApp, allowing users to generate images of themselves in various backgrounds and themes.

Samsung, on the other hand, is rumored to discontinue its compact flagship tablet with the upcoming Galaxy Tab S series. The new series will only include a Plus model and an Ultra model, phasing out the standard 11-inch model. This shift in Samsung’s tablet lineup strategy is expected to be announced around the Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10, signaling a change in the company’s approach to tablet offerings.

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