Tuesday, July 16, 2024

TAL and Microsoft collaborate on strategic technology partnership

TAL and Microsoft Collaborate to Develop Innovative Solutions for Employees and Customers

TAL, a leading life insurance company, is taking a major step forward in enhancing customer and employee experiences with the integration of Microsoft solutions. The partnership between TAL and Microsoft promises to revolutionize the way insurance claims are processed and how employees work within the company.

One of the key developments is the introduction of the ‘Claims Assist Knowledge Search’, a tool that will streamline the insurance claims processing for both customers and employees. By utilizing Azure OpenAI Service, this search assistant will allow TAL’s Claims and Customer Service teams to access a vast knowledge bank, enabling them to respond to inquiries faster and more efficiently.

Sajeewa Arachchillage, Head of Digital Engineering at TAL, expressed the company’s commitment to leveraging intelligence and automation to drive insights and provide better service to their customers and support their employees with the necessary skills for the future.

Additionally, TAL will be one of the first organizations in Australia to deploy Microsoft Copilot solutions at scale, with an additional 2,000 licenses being rolled out. This move is expected to significantly increase operational efficiencies and save employees valuable time on routine tasks. The company is also investing in skills development through Microsoft’s Enterprise Skills Initiative, aiming to equip all employees with the necessary knowledge in AI, cloud computing, and data management.

Overall, TAL’s partnership with Microsoft signifies a major investment in digital innovation and a strong commitment to providing top-notch services to their customers while supporting and empowering their employees for the future.

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