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Tactics, Trends, and Technology for Maximum Effectiveness

Maximizing the Impact of B2B Event Marketing in the U.S.: Effective Strategies, Trends, and Tech

The world of B2B event marketing is constantly evolving, and a new report titled “Maximizing the Impact of B2B Event Marketing in the U.S.: Effective Strategies, Trends, and Tech” sheds light on the latest strategies and trends in the industry.

According to the report added to’s offering, B2B event marketing is crucial for engaging potential clients and driving business growth. However, many marketers struggle with measuring the return on investment (ROI) of their event marketing efforts. To overcome this challenge, the report suggests that marketers should carefully select the right event format, leverage technology and AI for better results, and integrate events into their broader marketing strategies.

One of the key findings of the report is that 25% of US B2B marketers consider in-person tradeshows and events as the top areas for spending. This highlights the importance of event marketing in the B2B sector and the significant investment that companies are willing to make in this area.

The report also features insights from industry experts, including Michael Brenner from Marketing Insider Group, Kate Hammitt from Splash, and Chris Walker from Passetto. These experts provide valuable perspectives on how B2B firms can effectively use event marketing to drive engagement and ROI.

In addition to expert insights, the report includes charts displaying valuable data on marketing spending trends, challenges for meeting planning, technologies expected to be used in future events, and AI tools utilized by meeting professionals.

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