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Summary of Sports News and Games by Reuters

Summary of Current Sports News Briefs from June 27-July 2

Title: Excitement and Drama Unfold at US Olympic Trials and NBA Draft

In a thrilling series of events at the US Olympic trials, athletes showcased their skills and determination to secure a spot on the Olympic team. Grant Holloway impressed with a world-leading time in the 110 metres hurdles, while Lolo Jones, at 41 years old, made a remarkable return to the track after 12 years. The competition was fierce and inspiring, as athletes pushed themselves to the limit for a shot at Olympic glory.

Meanwhile, in the world of basketball, the San Jose Sharks made a bold move by selecting center Macklin Celebrini as the first overall pick in the 2024 NHL Draft. Celebrini’s impressive performance at Boston University caught the attention of scouts, making him a top prospect for the Sharks. The draft was filled with excitement and anticipation as teams vied for the best young talent to strengthen their rosters.

The NBA free agency is also set to begin, with teams gearing up to make key moves to improve their lineups. With several big-name players already off the market, GMs are strategizing to secure top talent and bolster their teams for the upcoming season. The competitive landscape of the NBA is sure to see some major changes as free agency kicks off.

Overall, the sports world is abuzz with excitement and anticipation as athletes compete for their chance at Olympic glory and teams make strategic moves to enhance their rosters. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights as the action unfolds in the world of sports.

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