Tuesday, May 21, 2024

“Splendor” Tome 19 Ignites New Excitement in ‘Dead by Daylight’ with Latest Content Update

‘Dead by Daylight’, the renowned multiplayer horror game, unveils its latest chapter with the release of Tome 19: SPLENDOR. This update introduces an array of new content including the innovative Chaos Shuffle Modifier, fresh Outfit Collections, and significant enhancements to the in-game store, promising a thrilling experience for its devoted fan base.

Today marks a significant update for ‘Dead by Daylight’ enthusiasts, as Behaviour Interactive rolls out Tome 19: SPLENDOR. This new chapter enriches the game with a variety of unlockable rewards and the debut of the Chaos Shuffle Modifier, a game-changer that scrambles player strategies by assigning random Perks at the start of each match.

The SPLENDOR Event Tome is brimming with exciting challenges and rewards. Players can delve into the pasts of characters such as The Artist and Zarina Kassir, while outfitting their favorites like The Trickster and Nea Karlsson in opulent new costumes from both the Free and Premium Tracks. Notably, the Rift Pass purchase instantly grants a lavish gold-adorned outfit for The Trapper, with a formidable Ultra Rare Outfit for The Doctor available upon completion.

In tandem with the new content, the game’s in-store experience has also been upgraded. A visually refined interface makes it easier for players to navigate through a wealth of items, including sale items, specific collections, and discounted bundles, enhancing the shopping experience across its extensive catalog of over 30 chapters.

Upcoming weeks will see the introduction of several new Outfit Collections. Highlights include the chilling Visceral Legendary Outfit for The Huntress in The Forgotten Myth Collection, and the botanical-themed Forgotten Garden Collection that adds a new dimension of horror for two Killers. Additionally, fans of whimsical themes will appreciate the return of the Chrysalis Collection with its butterfly and moth-inspired designs.

‘Dead by Daylight’ is accessible across multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, ensuring that players can enjoy these new features regardless of their gaming device.

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