Monday, July 22, 2024

South Korea emerges as promising destination for hedge funds seeking advancements in AI and telecom industry

Modifying the body with AI-related stock market bargains in South Korea

Hedge funds are making big moves in South Korea’s chipmakers as they seek to capitalize on the AI frenzy in the market. Companies like SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics are drawing attention from funds like Britain’s Man Group and Singapore’s FengHe Fund Management, who believe that these companies have more value to offer in the AI space.

While stocks like Nvidia have seen significant growth in the past year, hedge funds are betting that South Korean chipmakers like Hynix will catch up and benefit from the demand for high-end memory chips. With the South Korean government also supporting the chip industry with a massive $19 billion support package, investors are seeing potential for growth in this sector.

The rush of hedge fund investments has already had a positive impact on the KOSPI index, with South Korean stocks attracting strong inflows this year. Despite risks like currency depreciation and short-selling restrictions, hedge funds believe that the rewards in South Korea outweigh the challenges.

Beyond just chipmakers, other areas of the South Korean AI sector are also attracting investment. Companies like HD Hyundai Electric are benefiting from the increased demand for power consumption, while broader trends in the market indicate a positive outlook for the industry.

Overall, the South Korean AI theme is expanding beyond chipmakers, offering opportunities for investors in various sectors. With the ongoing Sino-U.S. technology war also playing a role in driving demand for South Korea’s advanced memory chips, the outlook for the country’s AI sector looks promising.

Published On Jul 11, 2024 at 11:30 AM IST

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