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SNL Stars Blend Country Flair with Revenge in ‘Get That Boy Back’ Featuring Chris Stapleton

The women of “Saturday Night Live” have ventured into the realm of country music with a spirited new single, “Get That Boy Back.” In a stunning showcase on April 12, Chloe Troast, Chloe Fineman, and Ego Nwodim deliver a fiery musical performance, addressing betrayal with a blend of humor and heartache. The song features country music star Chris Stapleton, adding an authentic twist to their tale of scorn and revenge.

In their latest musical skit, the SNL trio turns heartbreak into art, crafting a narrative of retribution against unfaithful lovers. Ego Nwodim takes the lead with a bold declaration of independence, symbolically marking her territory on her former beau’s car. “He’s playing with my heart, baby, he’s no good, so I took my lipstick, wrote my name on his hood,” she belts out, setting the stage for a series of escalating pranks.

Chloe Fineman continues the theme, expressing her outrage through a classic country trope—vandalizing a Chevy pickup. Her lyrics, “Mess with me, I’ma mess you up, so I took my keys to his Chevy pickup. My man left and he didn’t dream he kind, y’all the mess with his truck, I’ll destroy his mind,” resonate with anyone who’s felt the sting of abandonment.

Chloe Troast’s verse adds a psychological twist, as she infiltrates her ex’s family home, delivering eerie messages disguised as wall whispers. Her performance adds a chilling layer to the comedic revenge, “He’s got a new chick and he thinks she rocks, but I’ll get him back with my break-up bod. I’m in his parents’ house, painted just like their wall, whispering, ‘get out’ in the middle of the night. Get out!”

The plot thickens when Chris Stapleton appears, portraying the misunderstood antagonist. In a surprising twist, he clarifies the misunderstandings that led to the comedic havoc, revealing he was never unfaithful. This revelation adds depth to the narrative, exploring themes of trust and miscommunication in relationships.

This SNL musical piece not only entertains but also mirrors the complexities of modern relationships, wrapped in the catchy rhythms of country music. The collaboration with Chris Stapleton bridges the gap between comedy and the poignant realities of love and betrayal, making “Get That Boy Back” a memorable addition to SNL’s musical portfolio.

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