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Slalom Plans to Add 300 New Technology Positions Over the Next Five Years

Slalom to Create 300 Tech Jobs in Ireland, Signs Lease on Waterways House Office

Tech consulting company Slalom announces plans to create 300 jobs in Dublin

US-headquartered tech consulting company Slalom has revealed its intentions to create 300 new jobs in the technology sector. The company, which recently signed a lease for the prestigious Waterways House office development in Dublin, aims to expand its workforce significantly in the next three to five years.

Slalom initially established its presence in Ireland last year, opening an office in St Stephens Green and creating 40 jobs. The company plans to increase its workforce to 60 by the end of this year, with further expansions expected in the future.

The new base in Waterways House will serve as a central hub for collaboration and innovation with clients in Ireland and the UK. Slalom specializes in areas such as AI, Salesforce, data analytics, and business advisory services, and works with major partners including Salesforce, AWS, Tableau, Google Cloud, and Microsoft.

Country managing director of Slalom Ireland, Jane Dawson-Howe, emphasized the firm’s commitment to investing in the talent and potential of the Irish market. The rapid expansion of the Irish business over the past year has been driven by client demand for innovative solutions using gen AI.

Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Peter Burke, commended Slalom’s decision to expand its operations in Ireland, highlighting the country’s attractiveness as a location for international business. The addition of 300 new jobs is not only about job creation but also about building a better future for clients, employees, and the wider community.

The news of Slalom’s expansion in Dublin comes amidst a period of growth and innovation in the technology sector. With a focus on emerging tech trends and business transformation, Slalom is poised to contribute significantly to the local economy and the development of a skilled workforce in Ireland.

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