Monday, May 20, 2024

ScHoolboy Q Dismisses Prospect of Black Hippy Reunion Album, Cites Individual Artistic Paths

In a candid revelation on “The Danny Brown Show,” ScHoolboy Q, a pivotal figure in the hip-hop scene, declared definitively that fans should not anticipate a Black Hippy album. This announcement marks a significant shift for the collective once central to Top Dawg Entertainment’s lineup, now pursuing divergent creative endeavors.

During the engaging podcast, ScHoolboy Q addressed the longstanding speculation about a Black Hippy project alongside his former label mates, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock. Despite previous collaborations, he emphasized a clear departure from the group, focusing on individual artistic growth and new ventures. Notably, Kendrick Lamar’s exit from TDE in 2022 and his subsequent solo projects under his new label, pgLang, symbolize this broader trend of solo success among the artists.

At approximately 38 minutes into the discussion, when probed about the possibility of reuniting for the highly anticipated album, ScHoolboy Q responded with a firm rejection, asserting, “I’m not making no Black Hippy shit. Hell no. I’ll never do that shit.” His blunt refusal came despite Danny Brown’s appeal to the cultural significance such an album would hold.

Further distancing himself from past collaborations, ScHoolboy Q highlighted his current focus on developing new artists and his ambitious goal of producing numerous future albums. This shift is mirrored by his peers, with Ab-Soul and Jay Rock also immersed in individual projects, diminishing the likelihood of a collective endeavor.

Contrasting ScHoolboy Q’s stance, Jay Rock had previously hinted at a potential reunion, mentioning in December that Black Hippy tracks are expected to feature on an upcoming 20th anniversary compilation for TDE. The closest the group has come to a joint album was their involvement in the Kendrick Lamar-curated soundtrack for “Black Panther,” which saw them appear on separate tracks.

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