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Ryan Reynolds Unveils Exclusive Deadpool & Wolverine Themed Aviation Gin Bottles

Exciting News for Marvel Fans: Limited Edition Aviation Gin Bottles Released Ahead of Deadpool & Wolverine Film Premiere

In a brilliant cross-promotion ahead of the eagerly awaited Deadpool & Wolverine movie premiere on July 26, Aviation American Gin, championed by Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, has launched a series of six exclusive, limited edition bottles. This unique collection, a product of creative collaboration with Maximum Effort and Sandstrom Partners, features sleek black glass designs enhanced with striking red custom strip stamps and intricate metallic details.

Each bottle is adorned with one of six iconic Deadpool symbols, while the case design draws inspiration from the renowned Deadpool suit fabric, offering fans a slice of cinematic flair. Ryan Reynolds, portraying Deadpool in the Marvel Studios franchise, shared a nostalgic moment, stating, “I discovered Aviation American Gin while filming the original Deadpool movie. Initially, Aviation wasn’t positioned for major movie promotions, and Deadpool was fortunate to secure any sponsorship. Now, several hundred drinks later, we’ve seen considerable growth. They grow up so fast, don’t they?”

Since Reynolds’ involvement beginning in February 2018, where he took over its creative direction, Aviation has seen remarkable growth, culminating in its acquisition by beverage titan Diageo in 2020 for up to $610 million.

The special Deadpool & Wolverine Aviation bottles will hit shelves across the United States early this summer, retailing at the standard price of $25. These collectibles are available while supplies last, ensuring they are as exclusive as they are desirable.

Holly Frank, Vice President of Partnership Management and Operations at Walt Disney Studios, Marvel, expressed her enthusiasm: “The Deadpool movie series has captivated audiences globally since its debut. Collaborating with Aviation American Gin presents a fresh, engaging way for fans to connect with the Deadpool universe, especially as the release of Deadpool & Wolverine approaches.”

Adding to its brand experience, in September 2022, Aviation inaugurated its new distillery and visitor center in Portland, Oregon. This space features a tasting room, a draft cocktail bar, and a gift shop, enhancing the brand’s immersive experience.

This innovative partnership not only reflects the fusion of cinema and premium spirits but also marks a significant milestone in brand collaboration, promising fans an exciting integration of their favorite film and beverage experiences.

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