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Russia and Ukraine utilize innovative technologies and strategies in military operations

New Tactics in the Russian Army’s War in Ukraine: Soldiers on Motorcycles and Drone Attacks

The Russian army in Ukraine has adopted a new strategy that involves soldiers on motorcycles racing across no-man’s land to evade Ukrainian fire. However, these soldiers are not always able to outrun the swarms of drones that hover over the battlefield, picking off fighters one-by-one.

According to George Barros from the Institute for the Study of War, Russia has successfully seized 430 square miles of territory using these tactics over the past nine months. Despite the success, Russia is paying a heavy price, with an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 troops lost per month and over half a million killed or wounded since the invasion began in February 2022.

Russian President Putin continues to pursue a long-war strategy, grinding down Ukraine’s ability to resist through endless assaults and threats of nuclear war against nations supporting Ukraine. The United States recently resumed arms shipments to Ukraine after a suspension caused by political reasons, as Russia unleashed devastating new weapons like glide bombs with GPS guidance.

The battlefield in Ukraine has been transformed into a moonscape of craters due to thousands of bombs and artillery shells. Russian tanks have tried to protect themselves with extra armor, but Ukrainian drones have proven to be effective in attacking them. With American weapons flowing back to Ukraine, the balance of power may shift.

Ultimately, the outcome of the war in Ukraine hinges on political will. Barros emphasizes that the decision to continue supporting Ukraine is crucial for its success. The center of gravity for this war is not the battlefield in Ukraine, but rather, the decisions made in Washington and by the international coalition.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate, it is clear that the stakes are high and the outcome remains uncertain.

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