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Russia and Ukraine implement innovative technologies and tactics on the battlefield

The New Russian Army Tactics in Ukraine: Speed, Drones, and Devastation

**Title: Russian Army Deploys Motorcycle Soldiers in Ukraine, Faces Drone Attacks**

The Russian army has adopted a new tactic in its operations in Ukraine, employing soldiers on motorcycles to race across no-man’s land, relying on speed to evade Ukrainian fire. However, they are not always able to outrun the swarms of drones hovering over the battlefield, which can pick off fighters one by one.

George Barros from the Institute for the Study of War stated that Russia has used this strategy to seize 430 square miles of territory in the past nine months. Despite the high price of these advances, with Russia losing between 25,000 to 30,000 troops per month, Putin has managed to replace those losses and continue his relentless long-war strategy.

The United States faced a five-month suspension in arms shipments to Ukraine due to political reasons, allowing the Russian air force to unleash a devastating new weapon. By attaching glide kits to bombs, the Russians turned old gravity bombs into precise weapons, devastating Ukrainian defenses.

American weapons are now once again flowing to Ukraine, countering Russian tactics. Barros emphasized that the international coalition’s continued support for Ukraine is crucial for its success in the war. Ultimately, the outcome of the conflict depends on political will, with decisions made in Washington playing a critical role in the outcome.

As the battlefield in Ukraine transforms into a moonscape of craters due to bombs and artillery shells, the war highlights the importance of ongoing support for Ukraine to resist the Russian invasion. The struggle in Ukraine underscores the decisive role of political will in determining the course of the conflict.

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