Friday, July 19, 2024

Roof collapse at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi damages parked cars

Roof Collapses at Delhi Airport Due to Heavy Rain: One Dead, Four Injured

The recent collapse of a roof at Delhi airport due to heavy rain has left one person dead and four others injured, sparking chaos and disruptions in travel plans for thousands. The incident, which occurred at Terminal 1 of the airport, resulted in the suspension of all flights from that terminal and the closure of check-in counters.

Videos circulating online show massive pillars supporting the roof crashing down onto cars parked nearby, highlighting the extent of the damage caused by the collapse. Rescue operations are currently underway at the airport, with the injured being treated at hospitals.

In response to the tragedy, India’s aviation regulator has advised airlines to accommodate passengers on alternate flights or provide refunds. Some airlines have already shifted their operations to the remaining terminals at the airport to minimize the impact on travelers.

Federal Aviation Minister Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu has announced compensation for the victims and their families, while also assuring the public that inspections are taking place to prevent any further incidents. Despite the criticism on social media regarding the terminal’s recent renovation, the minister clarified that the collapsed portion was not part of the newly renovated section.

The heavy rains in Delhi have not only caused the airport roof collapse but have also led to chaos on the city’s roads, with reports of water-logged streets and major traffic jams. The downpour has resulted in delays and cancellations of flights, with the meteorological department forecasting continued heavy rainfall over the weekend.

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