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Report: Google to start producing Pixel phones in India for export to Europe and the US

Google to Manufacture Pixel Smartphones in India and Export to Europe and US: Launching Pixel 9 Series on August 13

Google is set to follow in Apple’s footsteps by manufacturing Pixel smartphones in India and exporting them to Europe and the US. The tech giant is gearing up to launch its Pixel 9 series in India on August 13, with production set to be handled by Foxconn and Dixon Technologies in the country.

According to a report by Moneycontrol, Google has already initiated trials of production in Tamil Nadu with Foxconn, the same company responsible for manufacturing iPhones in India for Apple. This move signifies Google’s intentions to make India a key manufacturing hub for its Pixel phones, which will initially be exported to Europe before targeting the US market.

Dixon Technologies will be responsible for manufacturing the base variants of Pixel phones, while Foxconn will focus on producing the Pro models. A source revealed, “Google is a large brand, which Dixon will add to its customer list in the second half of the year through its partnership with Compal. They will share the production with Foxconn.”

The production is expected to commence in September, with exports likely to begin once production becomes stable. Due to limited demand for Pixel phones in India, the majority of locally produced devices will be exported to leverage the benefits of the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme.

Tarun Pathak from Counterpoint Research explained, “Any manufacturing operation would require a certain scale for commercial sense. With less than 1 per cent share in India, Google will need export volumes of pixel devices to scale its manufacturing. Hence, there are high chances of exporting outside India and Google’s big markets are USA and key European countries where some of the OEMs are already exporting their smartphones from India.”

As anticipation builds for the Pixel 9 series launch on August 13, expectations include a faster and more reliable ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, a dual rear camera setup for the Pro model, and a possible triple rear camera setup for the Pro model, similar to its predecessor series. With Google’s foray into local manufacturing and global exports, the tech world is buzzing with excitement over what lies ahead for the Pixel brand.

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