Friday, May 24, 2024

What Happened To Megan Leavey & Rex In Real Life After The 2017 Movie

Megan Leavey’s bond with her military working dog, Rex, was central to their service in Iraq and beyond. The real Megan Leavey received several awards, including a Purple Heart and the Genesis Legacy Medal. Despite retiring in 2012, Rex lived only 8 months of civilian life with Leavey before passing away in 2012.

Starring Kate Mara as the titular US Marine corporal, 2017’s Megan Leavey chronicles the service of its titular character and Rex, the military working dog Leavey was paired with. In the fashion of other biographical dramas, Megan Leavey centers on the work the duo performed in the Military Police K9 Unit, though it does hint at what happened to Megan Leavey and Rex after they served two deployments in Iraq together. Rex, a German Shepherd trained to sniff out bombs, joined Leavey in Fallujah in 2005, but it was the pair’s service in Ramadi that really changed their lives.

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