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Reds’ Graham Ashcraft triumphs in July 4th showdown against Yankees in national anthem face-off

Graham Ashcraft Wins National Anthem Standoff Against Yankees

On the Fourth of July, the Cincinnati Reds and New York Yankees engaged in a patriotic standoff that resulted in a surprising victory for Reds pitcher Graham Ashcraft. Before the game at Yankee Stadium, Ashcraft and teammate Carson Spiers faced off against Yankees players Cody Poteet, Ian Hamilton, and Luis Gil to see who could salute the flag the longest during the national anthem. The showdown lasted over five minutes, with Ashcraft emerging as the last player standing.

This victory was particularly sweet for Ashcraft, who had also pitched against the Yankees the day before and secured a win for the Reds. Despite warnings from umpires to not let the standoff drag on too long, Ashcraft persevered and outlasted his competitors to claim the victory.

The Reds’ triumph in the national anthem standoff harkened back to their 2023 declaration as “America’s Team,” a title they embraced and embodied on Independence Day. In a display of unity and spirit, the Reds showcased their patriotism and determination to play the game the right way.

This unique and spirited pregame ritual added an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling matchup between the Reds and Yankees, highlighting the camaraderie and competitive spirit of America’s pastime.

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