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Record Store Day Revives the Charm of Vinyl in Today’s Digital Age

On this warm Saturday, Record Store Day brought vibrant life to The Daily Star’s Arts Gallery, as a crowd of music aficionados converged to celebrate and rediscover the timeless allure of vinyl records. This annual global event honors the independent record stores with exclusive releases and live performances, fostering a community of music lovers.

Record Store Day, traditionally held on a Saturday in April, underscores the critical role of independent record shops by offering exclusive vinyl records, special deals, and unique events aimed at boosting these cultural havens.

The event, which commenced at 10 AM, was graced by celebrated artists like Khurshid Alam and Farida Parvin, who emphasized the significance of maintaining vinyl and gramophones to preserve music’s true essence. Organized by the Bangladesh Audiophile Society, the event showcased rare collections from legendary global musicians such as Kazi Nazrul Islam, Rabindranath Tagore, and Neil Diamond, among others.

Stalls brimming with exclusive LPs and EPs featured renowned record owners like Mahmood Hussain of Sur Saptak and Syed Danik of Universal Music, offering a plethora of genres for enthusiasts. Visitors had the chance to acquire gems like “Anmol Ghadi,” Runa Laila’s “Back Again,” and “Unplugged in New York” by Nirvana.

Zia Ahmed, president of the Bangladesh Audiophile Society, shared insights into the burgeoning vinyl market. He noted, “The increasing prices and demand for vinyl records reflect a growing appreciation for high-quality music. Our aim is to encourage more Bangladeshis to experience music in its most authentic form.”

Reflecting on the bygone era of music stores, Zia Ahmed lamented the rarity of obtaining vintage albums and expressed pride in showcasing Bangladeshi talents as part of the nation’s rich musical heritage.

Record Store Day not only celebrates the history of music recording, marked by the popularity of gramophone records in the 1960s and 1970s but also emphasizes the continued relevance of physical music stores amidst the rise of digital streaming.

The initiative was originally conceived by Chris Brown of American Bull Moose Music and Eric Levine of Criminal Records. Their efforts led to the inaugural World Record Store Day in 2007, which has since grown into a globally celebrated occasion.


As digital platforms dominate, Record Store Day serves as a vital reminder of the irreplaceable value of physical stores and vinyl records, connecting music lovers to the roots of sound recording and the tactile joy of music collecting.

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