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Putin takes Trump’s commitment to end Ukraine war ‘seriously’, announces latest developments | World News

Putin maintains preference for Biden after not watching US election debate – takes Trump ‘seriously’ on ending war

Vladimir Putin has made it clear that his preference for Joe Biden remains unchanged, even after watching fragments of the recent US election debate between Biden and Donald Trump. In response to a reporter’s questions on whether his opinion had shifted after the debate, Putin simply stated, “Nothing has changed.”

While Putin admitted to catching some parts of the debate, he claimed to be too busy to watch it in its entirety. However, he did mention that he takes Trump seriously when it comes to his statements about ending the war in Ukraine if he were to win the presidential election.

Putin emphasized that Russia views Trump’s willingness to end the conflict in Ukraine as a serious matter, even though they are not privy to the specifics of his peace proposals. He also reiterated Russia’s stance on the ceasefire in Ukraine, stating that Moscow would only consider such a move if Kyiv takes irreversible steps acceptable to the Kremlin.

The Russian president made it clear that Moscow is not interested in negotiating with the Ukrainian parliament regarding potential solutions to the ongoing conflict. He previously stated that Russia would only end the war in Ukraine if Kyiv drops its NATO ambitions and surrenders four provinces claimed by Moscow, a proposition that Kyiv quickly rejected.

Despite his busy schedule, Putin’s comments on the US election debate and the situation in Ukraine highlight the ongoing tensions between Russia and the West, as well as the complexities of international diplomacy and conflict resolution.

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