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PSG’s Luis Enrique Embraces Joyful Spirit Ahead of Champions League Clash

PSG’s head honcho, Luis Enrique, rebuffs pressure talk, opting instead to savor the impending Champions League semi-final showdown with Borussia Dortmund, emphasizing a delight-driven approach over stress.

Luis Enrique, the tactician steering Paris Saint-Germain’s ship, quashed speculations of his team succumbing to pressure before their Champions League bout against Borussia Dortmund. Dismissing the notion, he declared, “We’re here to enjoy it.” Despite Dortmund’s coach Edin Terzic branding PSG as a squad “built to win,” Enrique, seasoned with a Champions League triumph with Barcelona in 2015, urges his team to relish the moment.

In his rallying call, Enrique underscores the significance of embracing the unique thrill of competing in esteemed European arenas. “What’s great about being here is that we can enjoy a really special game at a unique stadium in Europe,” remarked the Spaniard, radiating enthusiasm. He stresses PSG’s mission to elate their supporters by securing a spot in the final, emphasizing their hard-earned privilege. “We have a chance to make our fans really happy by reaching the final. That’s what we’ve earned the right to do,” he emphasized, encapsulating PSG’s aspirations.

The PSG gaffer, propelled by a determination to clinch victory, affirms their intent to conquer both legs of the encounter, denouncing any notion of complacency. “We will try to win both legs. It’s not in our handbook to leave things to chance,” asserts Enrique, setting a tone of unwavering resolve. Amidst media favoritism, Enrique dismisses the tag of being strong favorites, suggesting a gap in media comprehension of the beautiful game. “That shows the press doesn’t know much about football,” he quipped, injecting a touch of lighthearted defiance.

Despite Dortmund’s formidable home record, Enrique remains unfazed, exuding confidence in PSG’s readiness for the challenge. PSG’s recent domestic triumph, clinching their 10th league title in 12 seasons, amplifies their hunger for European glory. The narrative is clear – PSG, under Enrique’s stewardship, enter the battlefield not burdened by expectations but buoyed by the joy of the game, poised to script their own destiny in the grandeur of Champions League football.

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