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Protesters in Bangladesh call for removal of civil service job quotas | Global News

Bangladeshi University Students Protest Against Job Quotas

Bangladeshi Students Protest for Merit-Based Civil Service Jobs

Thousands of Bangladeshi university students took to the streets on Sunday, demanding the end of “discriminatory” quotas for coveted government jobs. The protesters are calling for a merit-based system for well-paid and highly sought-after civil service positions.

The current system reserves more than half of government job posts, including 30 percent for children of liberation heroes, 10 percent for women, and 10 percent for specific districts. Students argue that only the quotas supporting ethnic minorities and disabled individuals should remain at six percent.

Critics of the system claim that it benefits the children of pro-government groups who support Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Hasina, whose father was Bangladesh’s founding leader, has been in power for four consecutive terms and recently won a controversial general election in January.

The protests, which began earlier in July, have gained momentum across major universities in Bangladesh. Students chanted slogans such as “We will bury the quota system” in cities like Chittagong and Dhaka, disrupting traffic and drawing attention to their cause.

Despite the government’s efforts to dismiss the protests, students remain resolute in their demands for a fair and transparent recruitment process. The ongoing demonstrations highlight the frustrations of young people in a country that has seen significant economic growth but struggles to provide adequate job opportunities for its university graduates.

As the protests continue to escalate, the future of Bangladesh’s civil service recruitment process remains uncertain. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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