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Prince Harry feeling isolated while Meghan Markle thrives in her element

Prince Harry Faces ‘Major Regret’ in the United States as Life with Meghan Markle Comes Under Threat, Says Royal Expert

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has found himself in a “strange unfamiliar world” in the United States, where his lack of practical skills has left him feeling lonely and regretful, according to a royal expert. Harry, who relocated to America with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020, is struggling as his new life faces potential threats and upheaval.

Royal commentator Tom Quinn revealed to The Mirror US that Harry’s initial excitement about his new life in the States has faded as he grapples with mounting backlash. Quinn explained that despite the couple’s luxurious lifestyle in Montecito, Harry struggles with the day-to-day tasks as he has never had to cook, clean, or garden for himself.

The trouble escalated when The Heritage Foundation, a think tank group, launched a lawsuit against Harry after he confessed to past drug use in his memoir, Spare. The foundation accused Harry of lying about his drug use on his visa application, sparking fears that a potential Trump presidency could see his visa revoked.

Meghan Markle, on the other hand, is thriving in her natural environment, which only adds to Harry’s feelings of loneliness and regret. The couple has sought legal counsel to address the concerns about Harry’s visa status in the event of a Trump victory in the next election.

Harry’s realization that his Royal status doesn’t hold as much weight in America has further deepened his sense of regret over making his drug-taking public. As he navigates the challenges of his new life, Harry is coming to terms with the consequences of his past actions and the threats they pose to his future plans.

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