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Police report multiple injuries during Mumbai’s T20 World Cup victory celebration parade

Fans injured during T20 World Cup-winning Indian cricket team’s victory parade at Marine Drive: Mumbai Police

In a chaotic turn of events, several fans were injured and many faced breathing difficulties at Mumbai’s Marine Drive during the victory parade of the T20 World Cup-winning Indian cricket team. Eyewitnesses described the scene as unorganised and overcrowded, with people falling on each other as the police struggled to manage the situation.

Ravi Solanki, who witnessed the incident, shared with ANI, “The crowd kept increasing, and there was no one to manage. Suddenly, people started shouting, and chaos ensued. It was very unorganised, and the incident occurred between 8:15-8:45 pm.”

One victim, Rishab Mahesh Yadav, recounted his experience of falling unconscious amidst the massive crowd, saying, “I fell and got choked, becoming unconscious. The crowd was more than necessary, and there was mismanagement. The police were not alert.”

Despite the tumultuous scenes, the Rohit Sharma-led team paraded through the streets on an open-top bus, with fans cheering and celebrating India’s success. Players were seen lifting the trophy high in the air, acknowledging the overwhelming support of their loyal fans.

During the parade, fans received balls from the World Cup-winning players, took selfies, and asked for autographs. The BCCI office bearers also presented the team with a cheque of Rs 125 crores at Wankhede Stadium, highlighting the monumental achievement.

Following the parade, the Indian team was felicitated at the Wankhede Stadium, where they stood alongside BCCI officials and received the hefty cheque. The love and admiration of the fans were palpable throughout the event, showcasing the unwavering passion for cricket in the country.

As the celebrations came to a close, the legacy of India’s T20 World Cup victory was immortalised in the hearts of fans, players, and officials alike.

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