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Pink’s Journey Through Health Challenges: From Hip Surgery to Beyond

Pink’s Health Struggles Over the Years

Pink, the iconic singer known for her powerful voice and aerial stunts, has faced her share of health battles over the years. From COVID-19 to hip surgery, Pink has been transparent about her struggles with both physical and mental health.

In April 2020, Pink revealed that both she and her son, Jameson, tested positive for COVID-19, leading to a terrifying experience of illness and uncertainty. The Grammy winner shared her experience of struggling to breathe and rewriting her will during her battle with the virus.

Pink’s health challenges continued into December 2020 when she faced a staph infection and a fractured ankle on top of recovering from COVID-19. Despite these setbacks, Pink remained resilient and determined to overcome these obstacles.

In November 2021, Pink underwent hip surgery and shared the difficulties of her recovery process, including tears, pain medication depression, and constant fevers. Despite the challenges, Pink expressed gratitude for her husband’s support and the lessons she learned about accepting help.

In May 2022, Pink opened up about her struggles with panic attacks and the importance of building a spiritual toolbox to cope with mental health issues. She shared her journey of seeking therapy and practicing self-care to address her anxiety.

In February 2023, Pink spoke to Variety about her weight gain during the COVID-19 lockdown and her recovery from hip and neck surgeries. Despite the physical challenges, Pink described feeling stronger than ever and emphasized the importance of self-care and perseverance.

Most recently, in July 2024, Pink had to cancel a concert in Bern due to undisclosed health issues. While she expressed disappointment over the cancellation, Pink prioritized her health and well-being, sending love and hope to her fans for understanding.

Pink’s resilience and openness about her health struggles serve as inspiration for her fans, showing that even in the face of adversity, she continues to persevere and prioritize her well-being. Stay tuned for updates on Pink’s journey to recovery and return to the stage.

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