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Pico partners with Blue Ocean Technologies to enhance after-hours US equities trading on PicoNet

Pico Announces Connectivity Partnership with Blue Ocean Technologies for After-Hours Trading

Pico Partners with Blue Ocean Technologies to Enhance After-Hours Trading Capabilities

NEW YORK, July 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pico, a leading global provider of mission-critical technology services for the financial markets community, has announced a new connectivity partnership with Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC (BOT) to expand after-hours trading services.

The partnership will see Pico’s PicoNetâ„¢ clients connected to Blue Ocean ATS, allowing them to access enhanced overnight trading capabilities for US equities. Blue Ocean ATS offers after-hours trading between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. Eastern Time from Sunday to Thursday, providing valuable opportunities for APAC investors to manage their risk and trade US stocks during their daytime hours.

Jarrod Yuster, CEO of Pico, expressed enthusiasm for the integration of Blue Ocean ATS into PicoNet, stating, “This partnership empowers our clients, especially in the APAC region, to manage risk in real-time during local market hours.” Brian Hyndman, President, and CEO of Blue Ocean Technologies, also shared his excitement about the collaboration, highlighting their innovative approach to market accessibility.

Key benefits of the partnership include reliable and fast connectivity, comprehensive real-time data access, scalable and secure solutions, and proactive customer support. The addition of Blue Ocean ATS to PicoNet aims to serve US equities clients and APAC investors seeking after-hours trading solutions.

Pico is known for providing technology and services for global banks, exchanges, electronic trading firms, and financial technology service providers. The company’s advanced infrastructure ensures clients receive high-quality data and connectivity services to support their trading activities and strategic decisions.

For more information about Pico and Blue Ocean Technologies, visit their respective websites. Press contacts for Pico and Blue Ocean Technologies are available for further inquiries.

The partnership between Pico and Blue Ocean Technologies marks a significant advancement in after-hours trading capabilities, benefiting clients in the financial markets community. Investors can now access enhanced trading opportunities and manage their risk effectively during non-traditional market hours.

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