Monday, May 27, 2024

Pennsylvania’s Wally, the Emotional Support Alligator, Vanishes; Owner Reports Theft

Dauphin County, Pa. – Joie Henney, famed for his emotional support alligator, Wally, disclosed that the reptile went missing while visiting acquaintances in Georgia.

Henney revealed to WHP that Wally disappeared from his enclosure in Brunswick, Georgia, during their stay. The peculiar absence startled Henney, who noticed Wally’s uncharacteristic silence during his routine check. Despite no evident signs of escape, Wally was nowhere to be found. Henney, now in a frantic search, voiced concerns about locals threatening to set Wally loose. One of Henney’s confidants reported overhearing someone at a nearby establishment boasting about snatching an alligator. Wally, safeguarded with a microchip, prompts Henney’s quest for the requisite Georgia permit to enlist local authorities’ aid in the search.

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