Monday, July 15, 2024

Pearson Airport flights cancelled as WestJet employees go on strike in 2024

WestJet Flights Cancelled at Toronto Pearson International Airport Due to Mechanics Strike

WestJet Flights Cancelled at Toronto Pearson International Airport Following Mechanics Strike

WestJet passengers faced major disruptions at Toronto Pearson International Airport on Tuesday as the airline continued to grapple with the aftermath of a weekend mechanics strike.

The strike, which lasted from Friday to Sunday night, resulted in a total of 1,078 flight cancellations between June 27 and July 2, with 130 of WestJet’s 190 planes grounded.

The latest updates as of 2 p.m. showed that one additional WestJet flight was delayed at Pearson, bringing the total number of delayed flights to 24, according to FlightAware. No additional flights were cancelled at that time.

Earlier in the day, at 1 p.m., 23 WestJet flights were delayed at Pearson, with no additional cancellations reported. This followed reports at 11 a.m. of 17 cancelled flights and 16 delayed flights at the airport.

As the day progressed, the number of cancellations and delays fluctuated, with the most recent update at 8 a.m. revealing 13 cancelled flights at Pearson and a total of 68 cancellations across Canada, along with 35 delayed flights.

WestJet acknowledged that further cancellations would be necessary in the coming days as the airline worked to restore its regular operations. In a statement on Monday, the airline confirmed that flight crews needed to be transported to airports nationwide, including retrieving stranded crew members from the strike period.

President of WestJet Airlines and Group Chief Operating Officer Diederik Pen assured passengers that the airline was working diligently to get the grounded planes back in the air.

“We are grateful to be recovering our operation; however, we fully recognize the continued impact on our guests and sincerely appreciate their patience and understanding,” Pen said.

The situation remains fluid, and WestJet advised that more details would be forthcoming as the airline continued its efforts to resolve the disruptions caused by the strike.

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