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Parents of Dwayne Adway’s daughter call for investigation after death ruled as suicide

Investigation into Hollywood Actor’s Daughter’s Death Raises Questions, Sparks Controversy

The mysterious death of Hollywood actor Dwayne Adway’s daughter, Daelena Mackay, has left both her parents desperate for answers. Authorities have ruled her death a suicide, but her parents are determined to prove otherwise.

Daelena, just days away from her 21st birthday, was found hanging in her Hollywood apartment, with her boyfriend being the one to discover her lifeless body. Despite efforts to revive her, she could not be saved.

Although an autopsy was not initially performed, Daelena’s parents believe there is more to the story than meets the eye. Her mother, Elaine Mackay, insists that Daelena had suspicious injuries that were overlooked, and she calls for a more thorough investigation into her daughter’s death.

Dwayne Adway has been vocal about his suspicions regarding the LAPD’s handling of the case, citing a trend of black and brown girls in LA being quickly dismissed as suicides. He believes that an autopsy could provide more clarity on the circumstances surrounding Daelena’s death.

Despite disagreements between Daelena’s parents on funding a private autopsy, they both agree that more investigation is needed to uncover the truth. Adway claims that private pathologists have told him the cause of death is clear, but the manner in which she died remains a mystery that only a thorough investigation can solve.

As the grieving parents seek justice for their daughter, they are determined to uncover the truth behind Daelena Mackay’s tragic demise.

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