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Parents in this US state now have the ability to monitor and manage their children’s social media activity on Instagram, TikTok

New York State Passes Bill to Give Parents Control Over Children’s Social Media Feeds

New York State Passes Bill Allowing Parents to Control Children’s Social Media Feeds

In a groundbreaking move, New York state will soon give parents the power to control what their children see on social media platforms. Governor Kathy Hochul has signed a bill that will block children from receiving social media posts suggested by algorithms, giving parents the ability to curate their children’s online experiences.

Under the new legislation, feeds on popular apps like TikTok and Instagram will be limited for individuals under the age of 18 to posts from accounts they follow, rather than content recommended by automated algorithms. The bill will also prevent platforms from sending notifications on suggested posts to minors between the hours of midnight and 6 am.

Governor Hochul, a Democrat, emphasized the importance of protecting children and giving parents a say in their children’s online lives. “We can protect our kids. We can tell the companies that you are not allowed to do this, you don’t have a right to do this, that parents should have a say over their children’s lives and their health, not you,” she stated at a bill signing ceremony in Manhattan.

However, the new law will not take effect immediately. State Attorney General Letitia James will be responsible for crafting rules to verify a user’s age and obtain parental consent, and social media companies will have 180 days to implement the regulations once they are finalized.

Not everyone is pleased with the new legislation, as tech industry trade group NetChoice, which includes members like X and Meta, has criticized the bill as unconstitutional. Vice President and General Counsel Carl Szabo described the legislation as an “assault on free speech and the open internet” and raised concerns about privacy issues related to age verification.

In related news, California is also taking steps to restrict smartphone usage in schools. Governor Gavin Newsom recently expressed support for efforts to ban the use of smartphones in schools, as the Los Angeles Unified School District approved a proposal to implement a ban. These moves highlight the growing concerns and efforts to regulate the use of technology among children and adolescents.

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