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Paramount+’s Landman: A Comprehensive Guide to Taylor Sheridan’s Series

Heading: Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Landman’ Unveils First Look and Premiere Date

Popular creator Taylor Sheridan is gearing up for his next project, “Landman,” after the success of “Yellowstone.” The upcoming series, set to premiere on Paramount+, has already generated immense interest, especially with the star-studded cast lineup.

Lead by the talented Billy Bob Thornton, “Landman” follows the story of a crisis manager for an oil company in the boomtowns of West Texas. Based on the popular “Boomtown” podcast, the series promises to deliver a modern-day tale of fortune-seeking in the world of oil rigs.

But Thornton is not the only big name attached to the project. Joining him are Ali Larter, Michelle Randolph, Jacob Lofland, and the newly announced Demi Moore and Jon Hamm. Moore will portray Cami, the wife of a powerful oil magnate, while Hamm is set to play Monty Miller, a key figure in the Texas oil industry.

With production already underway in Fort Worth, Texas, fans can expect a visual treat with the much-anticipated series. Paramount+ has released exclusive first-look images showcasing Thornton, Moore, and Hamm in their respective roles, building up excitement for the premiere on November 17.

With a two-episode release followed by subsequent weekly drops, “Landman” is set to be a captivating addition to Sheridan’s impressive lineup of projects. Stay tuned to Paramount+ for the thrilling saga of roughnecks, billionaires, and the oil industry that’s set to reshape economies and geopolitics.

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