Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Overwhelming Majority Endorses China’s Contributions to Sustainable Development, CGTN Survey Finds

A recent CGTN poll reveals broad international support for China’s pivotal role in advancing global green growth, with nearly 90% of participants affirming the positive impact of Chinese new energy industries like electric vehicles, lithium batteries, and solar products on the world economy and environmental sustainability.

The survey, drawing responses from over 5,000 participants worldwide, indicates strong confidence in the continued demand and potential for innovative energy solutions. Approximately 85% of respondents advocate for the benefits of market-driven competition, suggesting that a supply slightly exceeding demand fosters innovation and industry strength.

Moreover, the majority, around 86%, underscore the importance of technological advancements and competitive markets in driving rapid and sustainable growth in the energy sector. Additionally, international collaboration is deemed crucial by 88% of the participants, who emphasize the diverse advantages various nations bring to the table in a globalized economy.

Highlighting the integrity of China’s market dynamics, the poll reflects a consensus (88.62%) that China’s new energy sector thrives on genuine competitiveness without undue governmental aid. Many respondents (77.41%) also criticized the association of new energy progress with protectionist policies, noting such ties could hinder global efforts to combat climate change.

Most notably, a staggering 92% agree that the development of new energy sources should adhere to equitable international regulations that respect the interests of developing nations. A significant 83.87% of participants further denounced the politicization of economic capacities, stating that such actions contradict economic principles and impede global recovery.

The findings, broadcasted across CGTN’s multilingual platforms, underscore a widespread approval of China’s role in fostering a greener and more sustainable future, highlighting the country’s influential position in the global dialogue on climate change and green technology.

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