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Olympic champion Regan Smith proudly dons USA swim cap in anticipation of Paris: ‘I am extremely proud of my American heritage’

Exclusive Interview with Olympic Swimmer Regan Smith: Pride in Representing America

U.S. swimmer Regan Smith: Olympic medalist, world record holder, and proud American

Regan Smith, a 22-year-old former Stanford swimmer, has solidified her spot in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris after a stellar performance at the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Trials in Indianapolis. Not only did she qualify in multiple events, but she also set a world record in the women’s 100-meter backstroke.

Smith, who is not only known for her impressive swimming resume but also for her love of her country, described the experience of representing the U.S. as “gratifying.” She emphasized the pride she feels when wearing the American flag on her swim cap and the honor of competing for her country.

Having previously won silver and bronze at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Smith is determined to bring home her first gold medal in Paris. However, for her, the significance of competing goes beyond personal achievement; it is about showcasing her deep patriotism and appreciation for the opportunity to represent the United States.

In addition to her athletic endeavors, Smith found comfort and support in her adopted cat, Roo, during a challenging period of illness before the Olympic trials. Roo played a significant role in helping Smith recover and maintain her mental well-being throughout her training.

As Smith gears up for the upcoming Summer Games, she remains grateful for the unwavering support of her family, sports psychologist, and furry companion. Her partnership with pet nutrition brand Nulo further emphasizes the bond between athletes and their pets on the journey to success.

For Regan Smith, the thrill of competing for her country never fades, and each opportunity to wear the American flag on her cap signifies a moment of immense pride and gratitude. She is ready to once again represent the red, white, and blue on the world stage, showcasing her love for America and her dedication to achieving greatness in the pool.

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