Monday, May 20, 2024

Olivia O’Brien Rides Viral Wave from Lakers Game, Encourages Fans to Stream Music

Singer Olivia O’Brien seized the spotlight during a recent Lakers game, as her presence sparked a social media frenzy. Capturing the attention of NBA Twitter/X, O’Brien leveraged the moment to boost her music career.

Attending the Lakers’ playoff match against the Denver Nuggets, O’Brien inadvertently stole the show when cameras caught her in the crowd. Images swiftly circulated online, thrusting her into the limelight.

Embracing the newfound attention, O’Brien acknowledged her influx of Instagram followers the following day. In a savvy move, she encouraged them to shift their focus from her viral moment to her music, sharing a link to her latest track, “blip.”

While recognizing her atypical demographic, predominantly male due to the nature of the viral attention, O’Brien extended a warm welcome. She even offered a nod to her past hit, “i hate u, i love you,” in collaboration with Gnash, ensuring her new followers recognized her musical repertoire.

With a blend of humor and marketing prowess, O’Brien thanked fans for their appreciation while steering them toward her streaming platforms. Leveraging the unexpected spotlight, she capitalizes on the viral moment to expand her musical reach.

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