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North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Robinson supports his controversial ‘folks need killing’ remarks

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s Controversial Speech Causes Uproar: “Some folks need killing”

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who is also the Republican nominee for governor, sparked controversy with his recent campaign speech at a local church where he stated that “some folks need killing.” In the speech delivered at The Lake Church in North Carolina, Robinson referenced historical examples of the U.S. facing evil and emphasized the need to address it decisively.

Robinson’s comments, which surfaced in a report from The New Republic, focused on the U.S. response to evil during conflicts like World War II, where he highlighted the need to confront and eliminate it. He also mentioned the importance of acknowledging the presence of evil individuals who commit heinous acts like torture, murder, and rape.

While some may view his remarks as controversial, Robinson stood by his words, stating that it is necessary to address threats to society and protect innocent lives. His campaign spokesman emphasized that the comments were specifically directed at historical references and not intended to promote violence or harm towards anyone unjustly.

Despite the backlash, Rev. Cameron McGill of The Lake Church defended Robinson’s speech, noting that the gubernatorial candidate’s words were targeted towards individuals perceived as threats to the community. McGill clarified that Robinson did not imply harming innocent individuals and that the rest of his speech was non-controversial.

Robinson’s statements have sparked debate and raised questions about the balance between confronting evil and maintaining principles of justice and fairness in society. As the election season progresses, his words continue to resonate and provoke discussions on how to address challenges in a complex world.

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