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NIWC Atlantic Develops 5G Technology for Fleet Deployment – DVIDS News

NIWC Atlantic Develops 5G Technology for Use Across the Fleet

NIWC Atlantic Develops 5G Technology for Use Across the U.S. Navy Fleet

The U.S. Navy fleet is on the brink of a technological revolution as the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic has successfully developed and tested 5G capabilities for naval ship environments. This cutting-edge technology, commonly used by civilians with cellphones, is now poised to enhance shipboard quality of life and work, collectively known as Quality of Service (QoS) for Sailors.

The journey towards implementing 5G technology on Navy ships began about five years ago at the NIWC Atlantic’s Assured Real-Time Communications (ARC) Laboratory in Norfolk. While Wi-Fi technology has seen limited but successful use in the Navy, the potential of 5G technology promises to make communication more efficient, effective, and secure both at sea and on land.

Peter Reddy, Executive Director of NIWC Atlantic, praised the efforts of the 5G engineers and industry partners for laying a solid foundation for widespread 5G adoption across the Navy. The team at NIWC Atlantic has been dedicated to developing solutions that prioritize QoS, ensuring that Sailors have reliable and secure communication capabilities for both personal and operational use.

The testing of 5G technology onboard the USS Wisconsin (BB 64), an Iowa-class battleship functioning as a museum ship in Norfolk, has been instrumental in demonstrating the potential of 5G in an authentic shipboard environment. The NIWC Atlantic Norfolk 5G team deployed a private 5G core and tested the coverage and performance of 5G within the ship’s interior spaces, yielding positive results.

Despite challenges related to unique radio frequency (RF) spectrum and security issues faced by ships, the NIWC Atlantic team is devoted to overcoming obstacles and ensuring seamless integration of 5G technology across all devices and systems. The team has made significant strides in developing a reference architecture for various operational domains and implementing the Department of Defense’s first maritime 5G multi-vendor testbed.

Arnel Castillo, a senior engineer and Program Manager for NIWC Atlantic’s 5G prototyping efforts, emphasized the importance of building relationships and maintaining familiarity with existing processes to facilitate the adoption of 5G technology without disrupting current operations.

Overall, the advancements made by the NIWC Atlantic 5G team signal a promising future for Sailors, as 5G technology is poised to revolutionize communication and connectivity on naval ships. The Get Real Get Better initiative aims to equip Navy leaders with a strategic advantage, leveraging 5G capabilities to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness across the fleet. The groundwork laid by NIWC Atlantic ensures that the Navy is ready to rapidly expand 5G capabilities and embrace the future of naval technology.

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