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Nine US Companies Currently Hiring in Ireland

US Companies Hiring in Ireland: Job Opportunities for Professionals

Are you looking for a new job opportunity? Look no further! Several US companies with a strong presence in Ireland are currently hiring and looking to expand their workforce.

Ireland has become a popular hub for US technology companies, offering a wide range of job opportunities. With a high level of education, English as a primary language, and a favorable tax environment, Ireland has attracted companies such as Amazon, Apple, Fidelity Investments, HP, Intel, Mastercard, Meta, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Amazon, a retail giant and technology company, has invested heavily in Ireland and is hiring for various roles in software development engineering, security operations, and grid strategy management.

Apple, with a facility in Co Cork since the ’80s, is looking to fill positions in machine learning and AI.

Fidelity Investments, based out of Dublin and Galway, has openings for roles in software engineering, full stack engineering, HR analytics, and finance.

HP, headquartered in California, is looking for a commercial account manager in Dublin, Ireland.

Intel has invested significantly in its Irish operation and is hiring for engineering positions in silicon design, AI frameworks, and DevOps.

Mastercard’s European tech hub in Dublin is looking to add team members skilled in content strategy analysis, project management, database administration, and software engineering.

Meta, with locations in Dublin, Meath, and Cork, is hiring across various departments including legal, finance, global administration, data and analytics, and enterprise engineering.

Microsoft, with premises in Dublin and Belfast, has openings in partner development management, digital solutions, data center operations management, and cloud network engineering.

Oracle, with an office in Dublin, offers positions in software development, network development, finance, automation, and production support.

If you’re interested in joining one of these US companies in Ireland, now is the time to apply and take your career to the next level. Get ready to seize new opportunities and make a difference in the tech industry!

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