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Nick Daniels III, Dumpstaphunk Bassist & Iconic Figure in New Orleans Music Scene, Passes Away

Nick Daniels III, renowned bassist of Dumpstaphunk and a revered figure in the vibrant tapestry of New Orleans’ music, bid farewell on Friday, April 26th, leaving behind a legacy etched in funk and heartfelt rhythms.

Born on July 2nd, 1955, Nick Daniels III lived as a beacon of funky brilliance, infusing every chord with a warmth that resonated far beyond the stage. His departure leaves a void felt deeply not only by his family, including his wife Marion and their cherished children and grandchildren but also by a legion of devoted music aficionados. Recognized for his signature bass tone, versatile musicianship, and profound insights, Daniels’ passing reverberates as a profound loss to the musical heritage of New Orleans and beyond.

From his early forays into vocal groups to his enduring partnership with Ivan Neville and the esteemed Neville family, Daniels’ journey was steeped in camaraderie and rhythm. As a founding member of Dumpstaphunk, alongside Tony Hall, he sculpted basslines that transcended mere notes, channeling the essence of collaboration that defines true artistry.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, Daniels found solace in the vibrant embrace of Austin, TX, yet his heart remained tethered to the soulful streets of New Orleans. His unwavering love for the city’s culture, its spirited Saints, and the relentless pursuit of funky melodies remained undimmed. While physical distance may have separated him from his beloved hometown, Daniels’ spirit endured, reflected in the countless rhythms he crafted and the enduring bonds he forged.

Attempting to encapsulate Daniels’ impact on the music scene feels akin to confining an ocean within a teacup; his influence was boundless. Universally cherished by fellow musicians, venues, and fans alike, his voice resonated with a blend of intellect, poise, and unwavering optimism, even amidst life’s trials.

At Live For Live Music, our admiration for Mr. Daniels knows no bounds. His openness, warmth, and musical prowess left an indelible mark on our hearts and our coverage. As we extend our deepest sympathies to the grieving hearts gathered at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and to his global circle of friends and admirers, we also acknowledge the personal loss felt by those fortunate enough to have known his kindness and friendship firsthand.

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