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New Technology Center at California Sheriff’s Department aims to boost efficiency and communication

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Unveils New $110 Million Technology Center in Tustin

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department in Tustin, Calif., has unveiled its state-of-the-art $110 million technology center, featuring cutting-edge facilities for communication, technology operations, and law enforcement. The center houses a real-time communications section, terrorism center, media briefing room, collaborative office spaces, and a mechanics area for police vehicles.

Sheriff Don Barnes expressed excitement about the new center, stating that it will drive a culture change in how technology is utilized to prevent crime and enhance the quality of life for residents. The center will streamline operations by centralizing all dispatch, emergency communications, federal partnerships, and hazardous detection services.

One key feature of the technology center is the ability to tap into public and private cameras around the county through the Fusus interface. This allows law enforcement to access partner entities’ cameras to assess potential crimes or emergency situations in real-time. Additionally, the center brings together three OCSD divisions under one roof, enhancing the department’s ability to protect the community.

The building also includes a memorabilia room showcasing artifacts from the department’s history. The project was fully funded by tax dollars, with a portion of the building privately funded by donations for the memorabilia museum. The center has already been operational for over a month and was utilized during the clearing of a pro-Palestinian encampment, highlighting its effectiveness in real-time operations.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony at the center was attended by local community leaders, emphasizing the importance of investing taxpayer dollars wisely in enhancing law enforcement capabilities. The technology center represents a significant advancement in the department’s ability to prevent crime, solve cases, and ensure public safety.

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