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New mother tragically killed at July 4 boat party had welcomed ‘rainbow baby’ just 7 months prior to her passing

Tragic Boating Accident Claims Life of New Mum Jerri MacMeekin in Texas River

The tragic death of new mum Jerri MacMeekin has shocked the community after she was found lifeless in a Texas river following a fatal boating accident. Jerri, who had recently welcomed her “rainbow baby” daughter, Georgia Grace, was enjoying a night-time celebration when she fell overboard.

Her brother-in-law, Kyle Dean MacMeekin, and his companion, Shane Everett Anniboli, were detained on charges of boating while intoxicated after attempting to rescue her in vain. Jerri and her husband Brandon MacMeekin had faced struggles with infertility before their daughter’s birth in December 2023.

The incident occurred during July 4 celebrations, highlighting the dangers of drinking while operating a boat. With both men now released on bail, the community mourns the loss of an innocent life and reminds everyone about the importance of safety measures on the water.

The recovery team worked tirelessly to find Jerri’s body, emphasizing the risks of such accidents and the importance of using life safety equipment. As the investigation continues, the community comes together to support the grieving family and remembers Jerri as a loving mother and wife taken too soon.

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