Tuesday, July 16, 2024

New Jackpot Trailer showcases John Cena’s return to his action hero roots

John Cena makes a comeback in action hero era for upcoming film “Jackpot!”

John Cena is back in his action hero era for his upcoming film, “Jackpot!” set to be released on August 15 on Prime Video. The comedy, directed by Paul Feig and written by Rob Yescombe, follows the story of Katie Kim, played by Awkwafina, who accidentally wins a multibillion dollar jackpot in the year 2030 Los Angeles. However, anyone who kills the winner before sundown can claim the prize legally.

Cena stars as Noel Cassidy, an amateur lottery protection agent who must protect Katie at all costs in exchange for a share of her prize. The trailer showcases Cena’s character going to extreme lengths to keep his client safe, including elaborate costumes, getaway cars, and hand-to-hand combat.

Feig describes the film as a Jackie Chan movie he always wished he could make, emphasizing the importance of character-driven action and finding humor in unusual situations. Cena’s portrayal of Noel adds complexity to the role, steering clear of the typical macho action-star stereotype.

The film prohibits the use of guns in the Grand Lottery, focusing on primal survival and real danger rather than toxic aggression. Feig aims to keep the stakes high and the characters believable, creating an action-comedy with real danger and elegant storytelling.

“Jackpot!” promises to be a thrilling and humorous ride for audiences when it premieres on Prime Video this August.

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