Sunday, May 19, 2024

New Intel XeSS SDK Provides Better Quality & Performance

Intel has released XeSS 1.3 SDK, the latest update for its upscaler’s development kit, improving performance and visual quality.

Intel updated its AI models so the new XeSS version delivers more detailed reconstruction, better anti-aliasing, less ghosting, and more temporal stability.

The company promises an average 10% expected increase in FPS from a previous version of XeSS on the Intel Arc A750 as well as 8% more FPS in cinematic games.

To take advantage of XeSS’s greater detail reconstruction, you can choose from its new quality presets, which add Ultra Performance, Ultra Quality Plus, and a Native Anti-Aliasing setting. Ultra Performance is supposed to bump resolution scaling 3 times higher, while Ultra Quality Plus provides a 1.3x setting.

“The first step in the XeSS pipeline is rendering faster at a lower resolution, and each preset changes how much the image is scaled up. One new exception is the Native Anti-Aliasing preset, which feeds a native resolution render through the new XeSS model to deliver the highest level of details with intelligent anti-aliasing.”

Intel’s XeSS 1.3 SDK is now available, and the company is working with game developers to implement the tech into a variety of games.

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