Friday, July 19, 2024

New CEO romance K-drama featuring Lee Sang Yi announced as spinoff of popular web series starring Shin Min Ah and Kim Young Dae

Lee Sang Yi and Han Ji Hyun to Lead in New tvN K-drama Spin-off

Lee Sang Yi and Han Ji Hyun have teamed up for an exciting new project on tvN. The popular stars will be leading a spin-off of a romantic comedy series that has yet to be released. The upcoming show, titled “The CEO’s Meal Plan,” will follow the characters from the hit drama “Because I Want No Loss,” played by Shin Min Ah and Kim Young Dae.

The news of Lee Sang Yi and Han Ji Hyun’s collaboration was confirmed on July 4th, with both actors’ agencies expressing enthusiasm for the upcoming series. In “The CEO’s Meal Plan,” Lee Sang Yi will play the role of a company CEO, while Han Ji Hyun will take on the character of a company nutritionist.

Written by acclaimed writer Kim Hye Young, known for her work on “Her Private Life,” the spin-off series will continue the storyline of the characters from “Because I Want No Loss,” with added scenes and enhancements. Filming for the show has been completed, and it is scheduled to air right after the original series.

Fans can look forward to seeing Lee Sang Yi in his first lead role in a romantic comedy, alongside the talented Han Ji Hyun. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new project!

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