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New Alliance at the Crossroads of Motorcycling and Fashion: Huemn and Royal Enfield Launch ‘A Shot of Mumbai’

In a groundbreaking collaboration, fashion innovator Huemn and legendary bike manufacturer Royal Enfield have joined forces to unveil ‘A Shot of Mumbai,’ a striking apparel and helmet line inspired by the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. This collection marks a vibrant blend of motorcycling spirit and contemporary street style, mirroring the pulsating energy of Mumbai.

A Fusion of Aesthetics and Aspirations

The partnership debuts with a collection that embodies the essence of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. Known for its bold hues and innovative designs, Huemn has infused the collection with the vibrant ethos of Mumbai, featuring electric blues, fiery reds, and an assortment of lively colors. These pieces not only capture the artistic spirit of the city but also the adventurous heart of its people.

The Spirit of Urban Exploration

Reflecting on the collaboration, Mohit Dhar Jayal, Chief Brand Officer at Royal Enfield, emphasized the synergy between the two brands. “This partnership celebrates our mutual dedication to design and expression. The Hunter 350 model exemplifies this ethos, attracting a new generation of riders,” said Jayal. The collection aims to draw in style-savvy individuals who see the urban environment as a playground for personal expression and discovery.

Celebrating Creativity and Connection

Pranav Misra, Co-Founder & CEO of Huemn, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration. “Working with Royal Enfield has opened new avenues for creative expression that align with our core values,” Misra noted. The collection reflects the dynamic character of both brands, appealing to modern urban explorers who value originality and self-expression.

Impact on Today’s Youth

Since its introduction, the Hunter 350 has significantly impacted the mid-size motorcycle market, becoming a favorite among younger riders. Its design, while true to Royal Enfield’s heritage, offers a fresh aesthetic that resonates with Millennials and Generation Z, proving that classic motorcycling can adapt and thrive in today’s fashion landscape.


The exclusive ‘A Shot of Mumbai’ collection, featuring T-shirts, hoodies, and denim, is available at The uniquely designed helmets are offered solely through the Royal Enfield online store at, catering to the discerning tastes of modern consumers.

This collaboration not only redefines urban exploration but also strengthens the bond between traditional motorcycling and modern lifestyle fashion, promising to invigorate the streets with a new wave of cultural expression.

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