Monday, July 15, 2024

Netflix UK and US to remove these movies in July 2024

Netflix Titles Being Removed in July

As Netflix continues to shuffle its content library each month, viewers are often caught off guard by the removal of their favorite movies and TV shows. While the US gets advance notice of what titles will be leaving, that luxury is not extended to Netflix users in the UK.

The Independent has compiled a comprehensive list of everything being removed from Netflix in July. The removal includes a wide range of titles, from beloved classics to more recent releases.

Some notable titles leaving the streaming service in the UK this month include “Amadeus,” “Annie,” “Gone Girl,” “The Revenant,” “Dune,” and “The Beguiled.” Additionally, popular TV series like “NCIS” have already been removed from the platform.

With no warning given for when these titles will disappear, viewers are advised to catch them before they’re gone. Keep an eye on your watchlist and make sure to catch these titles before they are removed from Netflix.

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